you have kids. i have kittens.

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[giddy like a little schoolgirl]

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[my epic]


onward to michigan.

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a trip in photos. frozen lakes included.

winter stopped by.

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oh yeah.

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three of my close friends got married.

i guess that should be included in the countdown too.

so here are three additions to my top 10 (make that top 13) of 2009:

11. brooke abney married jesse stone on june 13.

12. alexandra rose married nate hagerty on july 3.

13. katie huffman married dustin miller on july 25.

top ten of 2009.

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Here are my top 10 events (good & sad) of 2009 [in chronological order]:

1. moved from burlington to charlotte.

2. worked my first full time job. since that summer camp job back in the day. the former moved to part time a few weeks later.

3. got my first cat. then it died a premature death.

4. married jeremiah david austin. at 6 o’clock in the evening. on may 9th.

5. the former event led to another event i had previously never experienced. for the sake of family members i will refrain from being too obvious with my words. but you know what i am saying.

6. got my first apartment. only had to share it with one other person. a first.

7. got two kitties. they are still living to this day.

8. went on my first tour. harder than i expected.

9. went on my second tour. easier than i expected.

10. moved into a house with 7 boys. no, 8. does not include the husband.


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